How long will my peptide take to arrive? 

Typically we are able to deliver peptides in 1-3 weeks, depending upon the complexity of the peptide, the purity requirements and the quantity required. We aim to ship peptides as soon as possible. In the event that there is an issue with your peptide project, we will contact you with a full scientific report, and with options for proceeding with the project. If you require your peptide urgently, then please contact us to discuss this.

How much will my peptide cost?

As each peptide will exhibit different properties, the synthesis strategy that we adopt will vary from peptide to peptide. As such, we are unable to offer a standard pricing structure. For each peptide quote, we analyse the sequence and devise a synthetic route that will give the best quality product in the most favourable timeframe, allowing us to deliver your peptide faster.

How do I dissolve the peptide?

We are able to advise on the solubility of a peptide. Please contact us for technical information.

How do you determine peptide purity? 

We use modern analytical techniques to determine peptide purity, either by reverse phase analytical HPLC, and/ or by MALDI mass spectrometry. For high purity peptides, we use both techniques to verify that the product meets or exceeds the required purity. We follow a robust QC system, and are ISO9001:2008 (BSI) accredited, ensuring that your products are of the highest quality.

What is net peptide content?

Peptides are typically provided in the lyophilised form, from an aqueous solution containing a low concentration of trifluoroacetic acid. As such, basic sites in the peptide may be protonated stabilized by the trifluoroacetate ion. The peptides we synthesise are supplied as gross weight materials, i.e. they are based on peptide and counter-ion mass. The net peptide content of a material is the actual amount of free, charge-neutral peptide present. We can undertake peptide content analysis if this is important to the researcher, and deliver peptide projects based on net peptide content.

I make peptides on my own synthesizer. Do you stock all of the reagents that I normally buy from my supplier?

We have an extensive list of reagents and resins that we supply to customers all over the world. If there is something specific that you are unable to find in our catalogue then please contact us. 

I need a peptide in less than a week. Can you do this?

We are able to design a strategy, synthesise the peptide, purify, analyse and ship the peptide in less than a week, but this is heavily dependant upon the length and complexity of the sequence. Please contact us to discuss this.

I need to know that what I have received is fit for purpose.

We have a rigorous BSI accredited UKAS Quality Management system that ensures that we deliver the correct product meeting the specifications.