I would like to raise anti-peptide antibodies against a peptide. What purity should I be looking for?

In our experience, a better quality peptide antigen will elicit a stronger anti-peptide antibody titre as assayed by ELISA. For standard polyclonal antibodies, we would suggest a minimum purity of >80%. We refer to these as our ‘immunogenic grade’ peptides.

I need to raise an antibody which will recognise a protein that I’m working on. Would you be able to suggest possible peptide domains that may be suitable as antigen candidates? 

We are able to advise on potential antigen candidates after analyzing the protein sequence. Please contact us with details of the protein sequence.

I would like an antibody project conducted in the UK. Do you offer these?

Yes we are able to conduct polyclonal antibody projects in the UK. Please contact us for further information.

Are you able to raise phospho-specific antibodies?

Yes we are able to raise phospho-specific antibodies. Due to the extra stages involved in this type of project, the cost will be higher than that of our standard antibody packages.