Our Instrumentation Capabilities

Employing continuous flow and batch synthesisers, we are able to synthesise hundreds of peptides per week. 

Continuous Flow synthesis

This method of peptide synthesis allows the peptide to assemble more efficiently and faster by removing excess reagents from the reaction chamber.  This process is particularly suited to the synthesis of long and synthetically challenging peptides, as it allows good swelling properties of the peptide resin to be maintained during the synthesis process.  As a result, peptide aggregation/ truncation is lowered, giving rise to higher purity peptides. 

Batchwise synthesis

This method of peptide synthesis is compatible with Fmoc/ tBu and Boc/ Bzl methods, as well as a wide range of solid supports for peptide synthesis.  This process is particularly suited to producing large peptide libraries in shortened turnaround times.  Due to the processes involved in this type of synthesis, the resulting peptide quality is lower than that obtained from continuous flow synthesis.

Manual Synthesis


For complicated peptide sequences we can adopt a manual synthesis approach.  We have successfully made glycopeptides, labelled peptides and branched peptides amongst others, using manual synthesis.  Manual synthesis is more flexible than automated methods and usually results in a better crude peptide when compared to machine synthesis.  At Pepceuticals we are able to utilise both methods and therefore are able to offer you advantages in automatic (cost and speed) and manual synthesis (complex peptides).  We are also able to offer solution phase synthesis.