Polyclonal Antibodies

We offer an optimised protocol for raising mature polyclonal antibodies, which has been determined using decades of expertise in the field.  The immunisation schedule, in conjunction with a high quality antigen, is designed to give the best titres whilst causing minimal distress to the host(s).  Our standard schedule typically takes 3-4 months to complete and a copy of the schedule is available below.  We are able to tailor the schedule to suit individual requirements, and so please contact us to discuss this.  The schedule can be extended on a month-to-month basis, and the typical extension protocol includes one boost, serum collection and maintenance for one month.



Procedure Day Description
Antigen Preparation   Synthesis, purification and conjugation of the peptide
Control Serum Collection Day 0 Immunisation of host
1st Boost Day 14 Antigen boost
Serum Collection Day 28  
2nd Boost Day 42 Antigen boost
Serum Collection Day 56  
3rd Boost Day 56 Antigen boost
Serum Collection Day 70 Production bleeds
Purification of antibodiesif required   Antibody affinity purification if required
Shipping to customer   Peptide sample, antibodies and documentation